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Business Events


EurAsia Strategies’ summit and conferences connect international leaders in government, industry and finance to make business happen. We deliver personal service to each client, ensuring that they get the most out of the events and trainings they attend.

We seek to attract speakers, panellists and delegates from sectors such as:

  • Ministries and government
  • International and regional investment agencies
  • Development agencies and privatisation bodies
  • Presidents, Chairmen, CEOs, CIOs and CFOs
  • Leading international and local corporations
  • Industry experts, senior analysts and market advisors
  • Industry associations
  • Regional chambers of commerce
  • Top legal advisors, development and management consultants
EurAsia Strategies Business Events help our clients think ahead. Our commitment to sustainable business solutions drives us forward with determination. We seek to attract investors and to open new markets for companies around the world. Our summits and conferences have a transformative scope and reach. We generate debates and public discussions that drive innovation. At our forums, high profile governmental representatives, global thought leaders and business leaders do business and talk about change and the future.

EurAsia Strategies Business Event Services brings together leaders and thinkers from around the world. With countries connected as never before, there is no reason to repeat mistakes made elsewhere. Therefore we want to make it easier for governments, and local business to find and source the best solutions possible, and at the same time for international companies to gain insight into new and growing markets.

We provide high quality events with robust agendas. Our team of market research professionals develops all our events, ensuring that our discussion panels are relevant and our information is up-to-date. We know our markets intimately and bring sharp focus onto substantive topics.
Our summit and conference agendas are created and scoped in consultation with an advisory board of industry leaders and market experts. These consultations are made at every level of event planning, helping us to focus topics and maximize the return on your investment. For further information about our business events, their agendas and our advisory boards please check the “Forthcoming Events” section of our home page. Here you will find a listing of all upcoming events along with additional information.
We provide research and advice independent of bias, personal agenda or conflicts of interest. Our only interest is the success of our clients.
We value the importance of good networks and trusted partners. We cooperate very closely with a wide variety of industry bodies and governments to provide successful products and services that help accelerate change. We are proud of or network and reach within EurAsian markets and are honored to have the support of key government and industry leaders. For further information about our Event Partners please go to “Forthcoming Events” section of our home page. Here you will find a list, and links, of all upcoming events who individually have their own information site where further and more detailed information can be obtained.
At EurAsia strategies, we believe in environmental sustainability. We are constantly working to minimize our use of paper and energy and to foster a green office environment.
Whether you are looking to learn more about a new product/innovation area or market, meet new clients, long term business partners, gain brand exposure or launch new products, our EurAsia Strategies Business Events will provide an excellent platform to enhance accelerate your business.
Our business events attract high level senior decision makers, politicians and government representatives. Our event locations are always picked with care for detail, comfort and city center proximity in luxurious 5 star business hotels.
Organising, travelling to and attending meetings is time consuming. Why not let us do the hard work for you? As a sponsor of one of our events, we will work with you to enable you to efficiently meet the people you need in professional and high quality surroundings. Whether you are looking to meet new clients, gain brand exposure or launch new products, our EurAsia Strategies business events will provide an excellent platform to enhance your marketing communications strategy
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